Sorry MopyMats !!!!

During my Ph.D in Computational Chemistry and following 15+ years in Drug Development Studies, Database Development works; I appreciated one aspect of the global scientist: respect of others work. The research was respected for objective, methodology and lastly for outcome. Failures are accepted as part of the game, but the ethics teach to accept them too. Citation of the other work is considered as a “correct” gesture and not a “noble” one. In this breed of “correct” scientist we also have copycats. People call them follower of palargrism: a Homosapein Horribleamngus sect that teaches to disrespect others works by not citing them. I use simple words: Mucking Mopy-Mats. I hope no copy right violation is done here.

Here is my letter to MopyMats, who have been mopymatting ayurajan without citing.


The Association of MopyMats,
420- Internet Lane,
Behind Windows OS,
Word Doc – 9211

Subject: My heartfelt apologies for putting wrong data on my site, which then appeared on your site; word-to-word.

Mr. Chairperson,

I am humbled by the fact that various articles from my site, ayurajan has been appearing in sites of your associated members. The copying/pasting is done so efficiently that not a single word or phrase is left behind. The order of text sentences is maintained to the last paragraph. The members have not bothered to cite the original source but that is evident from your association’s motto.

Just that during visiting the net, I came across one such site of your esteemed member. Now, I know there are atleast 9 such members who are working tirelessly to copy/paste data. None of these have violated your code of not citing the original entry, but as a scientist I am pained to see that some of error filled data is appearing on their site.

One such example is Dasotraline. I was working on kinase template, when one of my friends suggested that I work on this molecule. I uploaded data but forgot to the change the mechanism from “Kinase Inhibitor” to “Triple Reuptake Inhibitor”. I changed it later; but now I see because of my stupidity, 9 sites have still it as a “Kinase Inhibitor”. One of them has even added a full paragraph for Kinase and their mechanism.

The appreciative comments of the people visiting these sites have even scared me further. At few places this molecule has been appreciated for a being an excellent kinase inhibitor too.

Just one question, if this molecule is finally launched as a “Kinase Inhibitor” do I get a chance to share Nobel with your fellows?

Anyways, please accept my apologies. I will ensure that I will put right text to start with and will not mess your people with putting wrong data.

My apologies in a poem:

It takes guts and pain; to play a fair game
But in copy/paste, there should be no shame
You have all but your MOM to blame
If she had only ONE hubby; then would have taught honesty, fair play
But, she decided to do a 4*100 RELAY !!!!!!

Please feel free to copy/paste my apologies to all concerned.


-Rajan Sharma, Ph. D