The members of the site can have access to FMO (For Members only) services. Such services can be availed after being a member for atleast 1 month.
FMO services are designed with the idea of sharing more information within the members. Time and space constraint don’t allow me to put all information about a molecule in the blog. Members of the blog can get more details about the molecule in question such as PK data, etc. Moreover, if there are any more synthetic routes available then these can be shared also.
Members can also make request to see their molecules in the blog. Though the format reported in the site will be strictly followed for these molecules too, but any extra information for the molecule can be shared with the member.

Members will also get the benefit of head-start, where they will have information about Phase II/III molecules before the data published in the blog. The head start benefit will be members information 3 months prior as compared to free readers.

The steps are simple:
1. Join the blog.

2. Send an email to sharma(dot)rajan(at-the-rate)gmail(dot)com with your question/request.

3. Check your inbox for reply.